Healthy Homemade Gummies

Aren’t these little dinosaur cute?! They are some of my favorite candy molds. Our favorite things to make in them are chocolate nut butter fat bombs and these gummies!

Store-bought gummies are full of added sugar and more often than not, corn syrup, vegetable oils, and artificial colors and flavors. We’ve tried a few homemade gummy recipes and have ended up with little rubbery pellets, jello-y gummies that didn’t hold together, and finally – the perfect gummies! And that’s why I’m posting today.

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8 Condiments You Can Make Healthier & Cheaper at Home

I am all for anything that is healthier, more cost-effective and SIMPLER. It’s a huge bonus if it also tastes better than its not-healthy, spendier counterpart! Over the years this has translated into making a few things at home that we used to buy at the store. When I started paying more attention to food labels I realized I didn’t really want 20 ingredients in my mayonnaise, corn syrup and a ton of extra sugar in my jelly, or chemically processed oils in my salad dressing.

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Life Update: Banners, Seed Time & God’s Faithfulness

I planned on writing this update a long time ago but as time so often does, it got away from me. For anyone interested, here is a little life update on living arrangements, answered prayer, and God’s faithfulness.

As I sat down to write this, I realized once again just how faithful God is and it moved me to tears because truthfully I haven’t always seen this so clearly – which I know now is because I didn’t always truly believe He was! I’m so glad I sat down to write because these are the things that are so easy to forget but these are the very kind of things we need to write down so that later when doubt comes, we can hold them up like a victory banner.

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Life at 200 Square Feet: Travel Trailer Life Part 2



I actually think it’s probably less than 200 square feet but I’m not sure of the exact size – just that it’s small. Still, it’s not  as small as some peoples’ living arrangements and it’s been really good to us. If you missed my last post about why we decided to sell everything and move into our travel trailer, you can catch it here. As I’ve thought about what to write about my thoughts on living in a travel trailer, they could be summed up simply as this:

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The Journey Begins: Travel Trailer Life Part 1


Life is full all kinds of journeys. This one in particular started a little over 2 years ago when we sold our house and 90% of our possessions and moved into our travel trailer. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Well, here’s our take on it.

I don’t remember exactly what started it all, but I remember realizing home prices were really high and somehow Cowboy and I started talking about pursuing a dream of living in the country. We had a nice home in the heart of the city and were very comfortable there but we were also thinking about long-term goals and how to get to them. We talked and dreamed and thought through all the logistics and after a lot of prayer and weighing different options, we decided to put out a fleece. We decided to list our house for top dollar and if it sold for that price – and no less – we would take that as a sign that it was time for a new chapter and time to pursue our dream. I still don’t know if that was a wise decision or not – putting out a fleece – but within 2 days of listing it, our house sold for full price. It was scary and exciting. We were doing this!

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A Lot of “Lately”


I can’t believe summer is coming to a close! It went by faster than any summer I can remember and when I think of why, a big smile comes across my face. This summer I was up and out of bed and did more than I have in probably the last 5 or so summers and when you’re busy, time flies. Last summer the kids logged over 100 hours in their reading log – this summer they logged a little over 40. The reason it was so much less this year is that we were out doing more things together! It’s easy to look at how far I have to go – the symptoms still present or the mindset that seems to stick so persistently but isn’t that just what the enemy likes to do? He wants our focus to be on what we don’t have – he wants it focused on the negative and the weakness. But when I look back and see how much has changed, I am just filled with thankfulness. Things are so different from they were just a short while ago and I have so much. I am moving forward and I am thankful.

I’ve been thinking about this blog and what direction to go for a while now. I started it to share my testimony (which I have yet to do) and write more (which I’ve done a little). I keep getting stuck on this:

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How to Get a Non-Toxic Laundry Room


This has been a long time in the making but I’ve finally fully transitioned over to a non-toxic laundry routine and have been so happy with it! When I first started to try to be more careful about what we used in our home, I switched to commercial Free &Clear detergent and stopped using dryer sheets. Then, for a few years I made laundry detergent out of borax, Felz naptha soap, and washing soda. It was fairly simple and very cost effective but for some reason it still felt like a lot of work and I eventually found out that it wasn’t as non-toxic as I once thought. Which brings us to now!

Laundry detergents, laundry boosters, and dryer sheets are some of the biggest culprits for synthetic fragrance and endocrine disruptors hiding in homes. I’m so excited to share with you what’s in our non-toxic laundry room and what we use each item for!

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Should You Drink Coffee?

“Coffee is bad for you. Don’t drink it.”

“Coffee has so many health benefits!

Here are all the reasons why you should be drinking it.”

Wait, is coffee bad for you or good for you?

Depending on what studies you read or information you collect… yes.

You can find plenty of information saying coffee is bad for you due to its acidity, the presence of mycotoxins and pesticides, and its addictive nature.

Annnnd, you can find plenty of information touting its health benefits, including a reduced risk of certain skin cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimers.

So, should YOU drink it? That’s up to you!

If you’re like me and the thought of life without coffee makes you want to cry, here are a few tips I’ve collected over the years to make that morning cup of Joe a little better for you. *Please note these are complete Kristin-ology! Do your own research to decide what is best for YOU

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DIY Non-Toxic Outdoor Spray


It’s summertime in Texas!

That means pool parties, homemade popsicles, and cookouts, longer days, little tan bodies, and family gatherings… and it means more little peskies who try to interfere with all these things. This is where safe outdoor spray comes in handy so you can enjoy the great outdoors with only the guests you choose to enjoy it with!

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