The Last Household Cleaner You’ll Ever Need

I started slowly replacing our commercial cleaning supplies years ago after learning about some of the ingredients in my commercial cleaners. Things like carcinogens (ingredients known to cause cancer), endocrine disruptors (ingredients that alter hormones), and neurotoxins (ingredients that are poisonous to the brain) were not things I wanted in my home – especially if there was a better alternative!

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Non-Toxic Laundry Room



This has been a long time in the making but I’ve finally fully transitioned over to a non-toxic laundry routine and have been so happy with it! When I first started to try to be more careful about what we used in our home, I switched to commercial Free &Clear detergent and stopped using dryer sheets. Then, for a few years I made laundry detergent out of borax, Felz naptha soap, and washing soda. It was fairly simple and very cost effective but for some reason it still felt like a lot of work and I eventually found out that it wasn’t as non-toxic as I once thought. Which brings us to now!

Laundry detergents, laundry boosters, and dryer sheets are some of the biggest culprits for synthetic fragrance and endocrine disruptors hiding in homes. I’m so excited to share with you what’s in our non-toxic laundry room and what we use each item for!

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Introducing: Safe, Non-Toxic Products for Your Little One


After I became a mom, I started paying more attention to what we were using in our home because suddenly it wasn’t just me I had to take care of – there was this tiny perfect little person completely dependent on me to make good decisions. The desire to know the truth behind products was kind of spurred when someone close to me encouraged me to research the safety and effectiveness of something that most people just assumed was good. I did, and what I found blew my mind, and not in a good way. I felt the marketing for this particular thing was very deceptive – it was anything but safe! – and it made me wonder what else I had always assumed was safe that really wasn’t.

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DIY Non-Toxic Outdoor Spray


It’s summertime in Texas!

That means pool parties, homemade popsicles, and cookouts, longer days, little tan bodies, and family gatherings… and it means more little peskies who try to interfere with all these things. This is where safe outdoor spray comes in handy so you can enjoy the great outdoors with only the guests you choose to enjoy it with!

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January Essential Rewards Order

I love seeing what other people get in their Essential Rewards order so I thought I’d share what we got in ours this month! You may get to learn something new about a product or essential oil or you may be able to help a girl out and share your favorite ways to use some of these products that are new to us – we got a couple items this month we’ve never owned before!


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Holiday Open House

Aka, the most fun I’ve ever had doing an event of any kind! I had the idea a few months ago to hold a Sip ‘n’ See where several small businesses would gather together to provide a ladies’ shopping night. As time went on, the direction changed a little bit – we ended up doing a Holiday Open House at a friend’s home. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!


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DIY Fall Showcase

I know it’s a little late in the year to be posting this but better late than never, right? This DIY Fall Showcase was a lot of fun!

When you use Young Living oils, you are not only eliminating harmful household chemicals – you are also supporting healthy immune systems, adding bursts of flavor to edible treats, and creating a cozy  environment for family and friends with the warm aroma that essential oils provide. I love Fall essential oils because they instantly invoke feelings of warmth, family, and good food baking on a cool day. Continue reading

Essential Oils: My Philosophy


13882492_1753966574883572_7176582130472378314_nMy essential oils philosophy has evolved a lot since we started using them 3 years ago! Some things haven’t changed, like my thankfulness that we chose this company or my belief that God provided these products for our benefit and enjoyment. Other things have changed: I no longer believe essential oils are the answer for everything and instead of viewing them as THE answer and something everyone HAS to have to be well, I now view them for what they are: tools. They are wonderful tools and I think everyone could benefit from using them, but now I know I cannot present something that comes in a little bottle as the solution to all of life’s problems.

I know this because when we started using essential oils, I was looking for healing…

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Young Living Open House



Last year some of our Young Living team got together and hosted a Young Living Open House. We wanted to provide a casual, comfortable way for people to learn about all that Young Living has to offer so we decided to set up stations and make it a come and go event.

The lighting in these pictures is not the best – I didn’t know at the time that I might use them for a blog post someday – but I wanted to share what we did in case anyone wants to build on it. It was a lot of fun!

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